Where I have my random madness and some of my arrows, but mainly madness
Where I have my random madness and some of my arrows, but mainly madness
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Open discussion - Don't read from the book of the dead

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What is dead shall never die, but above all should stay dead.

Gwen Stacy, Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes... Why in the seven hells were they brought back to life?


I'm a huge comic fan, ever since I was a kid, I've been back and forth through several types and publishers, there are some that I loved and no longer can stand, others that I didn't read and now cannot get enough of, but in all the comic book lore and everything that happened in the many, many, many things that happened there is something that always ticked me off, like a hair in the back of my troath, that is annoying, why are characters brought back to life after they kill them off? The three are the most blatant ones for me, there are two others that I will mention, but those are the main ones that I am raising the discussion on

All three deaths are iconic moments not only in comic book history but the particular mythos and personal history of the main characters that they are atached to. Their deaths are important to their growth, to their personality, and not matter what people say that when they were brought babyck that it changes and renews and creates better story plots, these deaths had repercussions in many ways. By bringing them back from the dead, it belitles the character, both the dead original, and the main one. It takes away something from them making them less than what they are.


When Spiderman couldn't save Gwen Stacy from the fall, it was when he found out that not only with great power comes great responsibility but also that with great power comes great failure, that although one can have power, no one is all mighty, he may have speed, reflexes, strenght but he is human, he fails like all human beings do. Fine... Some will say that Gwen only returns in alternate lines or as a clone, but I think that is a cop out and stick to my guns on this, she should stay dead as the Dodo. But ok, let's use another example...

Bucky Barnes. I'm using Marvel's characters first because I have gave up on reading them some years ago, and would appreciate canon corrections by anyone. But let me carry on. Barnes... Bucky was Captain America's young sidekick as many heroes had in the past for whatever reasons the writers and publishers understood they should be. Bucky died, the Cap was sad and as Spiderman came in touch with the frailty of his being, that he was a supersoldier but he couldn't do anything inhuman, he failed. When Bucky was resurrected, and I am not arguing how cool the Winter Soldier storyline and movie are, they took away that frailty from the Captain, his failures had no consequence. Ok, ok, maybe when he fails dozens to thousands die, and that is bad, but is it a personal consequence? Do those deaths hit him as much as Bucky with whom he had a history with? No, they don't, and that is why Bucky should have stayed dead. The Winter Soldier would be an awesome character and story line without Bucky, they just had to create some other person that had fought a, long with the captain at some point and dissapeared instead of dying and it would be done.


But let's go to the real thorn in my side, the fly in my ointment, Jason Todd. And let me say it first and foremost, The Red Hood is probably my favourite Batman animation and the books aren't bad either. But Jason Todd returning from the dead... Argghhhhhhh! That is something I cannot forgive DC Comics. Not even New 52 is as unforgivable.

The Batman is my 3rd favorite hero in DC, after Green Arrow and Lex Luthor, but there was a time when Batman became this allmighty unbeatable person, not even Superman could face him, he had some way to defeat everything and everyone, the man was flawless, except for one thing, one of his soldiers had died. He couldn't reach him in time, he failed, even if only that one time, he did... And when they brought back Jason... that was ruined.


Even the death of Superman and the Batman. The former was a shock, the later gave us the best caped crusader stories in years with Dick as Batman and Damian as Robin.

So that's it. In my book what is dead should always stay dead. What do you think?

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