In Singapore it’s illegal to chew gum, and in Lisbon there is still an active (although not applied) law that goes like this:

*Translated and abridged*

“Lisbon council law 69.035 (law 35 of 1969)

Due to an increase of acts that attempt the morals and good customs of society in public parks and gardens, the police and park rangers are in permanent vigilance of people that look for the lush vegetation to practice acts against said morals and good customs.

Therefore the following fines are established:

1 - Hand on hand (2.50$)

2 - Hand on that (15$)

3 - That on the hand (30$)

4 - That on that (50$)

5 - That behind that (100$)

Additionally - With the tongue on that 150$ fine, arrest and photographed.”

So, how about you guys? What are the weirdest laws where you live or visited?