Where I have my random madness and some of my arrows, but mainly madness
Where I have my random madness and some of my arrows, but mainly madness
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Open discussion - The sound of music

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The other day I read an article somewhere that got me thinking about the importance of not only sound effects but particularly music in movies, TV shows and videogames.


I love music, always did, always will. I constantly have music playing when I’m alone, and part of my mind is always “playing” something, all the time.

When it comes to some sorts of entertainment, music can actually make or break it. I don’t think that whoever in the production teams chooses them get enough credit for what they do. Ok, I know that the composers and interpreters deserve the praise for their work, but to perfectly choose a song or musical piece especially when it was not made specifically for that moment is quite an art in itself.


Years ago, almost 20 in fact, I was completely addicted to XCom: Terror from the Deep. At the same time (remember children, that in 1995/6 the internet, computers and digital music were not what they are today) I always had the same CD playing on my stereo, I would take off the music from the game keep the sound effects and listen to those same songs while playing. Today, whenever I go back to those songs the first notes immediately bring the images to my mind of sitting at my desk in front of the computer doing those missions under the sea. This is an awkward case where they were not meant to be together but in my mind they will never be apart.

Most times when music is done properly for a specific subject that is exactly what happens. The Legend of Zelda soundtracks are always perfect, and those like me that play and love those games cannot hear a bit of them without picturing instantly where in Hyrule we usually have our ears flooded by those sounds. In my favorite Doctor Who episode “The Girl in the Fireplace” there is a particular music made for that episode that is so exquisitely composed for the Doctor and Reinnette that even the cadence of the melody is a mix like a broken clock and music box at the same time (those who have seen the episode will know why it makes sense in the episode). And then there are the compositions of Ennio Morricone, for me one of the greatest movie composers of all times. Every single note is just perfection in the scene and away from it.

How about you, are there songs or music that you cannot dissociate from images or situations? If the music is genre related and situation is not, or vice-versa even better, what are they?

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