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So... there I was playing a game of Civilization V with my regular Oda Nobunaga, when in 2023 my biggest rival in a strangely pacific game, where I had managed not to fight anyone and no one dared to fight me, was going to build a spaceship, like me.

We both had three parts of it built but I had to still research the technology for the others, when I don’t know what took over me, but suddenly two Atomic Bombs left my shores and destroyed two of Hiawatha of the Iroquois’ cities (and some collateral damage to Monaco).


The Iroquois, for some reason, I don’t understand gave the Japanese a peace treaty for 10 turns offering the majority of their resources, and changed their research to the Manhattan Project...

I got to build my rocket and reached space. I won, but it was bitter sweet.

The point is: What was the douchiest move you ever made in game?

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